Outdoor Media Objective

Shock Media 360's main objective is to provide clients with a unique experience of Outdoor Advertising while focusing on solutions for all of their out of home needs. Helmed by a team of advertising, media and business experts, Shock Media’s proven success is due to the key strategy of providing the highest customer service, while making outdoor media easy to our clients and essential to their success.

The world of outdoor media is difficult to navigate. However, statistics confirm that outdoor advertising remains a great way to brand a company, as well as increase business exposure because of it's visual impact to consumers.

From the nation's highways, to its city streets and transit systems, sporting venues, from shopping malls to transportation terminals, outdoor advertising reaches people where they work, live and play! 

Everyday smart marketers have an opportunity to connect with consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way. Shock Media makes this connection possible. It can deliver an unrivaled variety of Outdoor advertising media forms through an incomparable network, strategically positioned to deliver your message effectively and efficiently.

As Media Buyers, we secure multiple vendor solutions to assure ideal outdoor coverage at the best price. We have strong ties with most vendors across Canada, due to our large annual business volume which also gives us a unique purchasing power. As a privately owned and operated company, we also have affiliates nationwide granting us access to independent and privately owned inventories. In return, we are granted “buyer rates” resulting in more cost effective solutions to our clients.

Our combined years in advertising and marketing have given Shock Media awards in customer service and satisfaction.