Other notable features

Turn off parallax scrolling

You can turn off the parallax scrolling effect if you just want a simple single-page layout. 

First Index Image Fullscreen

You can choose to have the first image in the Index collection be fullscreen or match the height of the other images. 

Hide Page Title

You can choose to hide the page/collection titles. 

Hide Parallax Nav

You can hide the index nav. 

Index Image Height

You can set the height of all the index images to be full-screen, two-thirds or half.

Title & Description Position

You can choose to place the Title & Description on top of or under the main image.

Footer Background Color

Set the footer background color. The color of the text in the footer will be automatically set to white or black depending on the lightness of the color you chose to ensure it is legible. 



The Internet has revolutionized the way prospects are finding your business. Long gone are the days of phonebooks, print ads and direct mailers. It has transformed traditional marketing practices in to a social, local and mobile world. It can be complex and intimidating, but don’t fear it. The Internet is the key to the success of your business. Embrace it. The Internet is here to stay. But don’t worry. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. We’re here to help!

At Shock Media 360, we value relationships. It’s what makes us unique. Each new client is partnered with one of our talented Internet Marketing Managers, who will work relentlessly on your behalf. Seriously, we have to tell them to go home. We work to earn your trust by creating value and actively communicating the work we’re doing for you. 


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Small Business Owners Simply Must have an Optimized Website

To drive potential customers to your Website through organic search, we need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We can help you to improve the volume and the quality of visitors driven to your Website by developing a comprensive and well-structured SEO strategy.  We can improve your visibility in natural or organic search results.

Terry Marketing are experts at developing SEO programs of on-site and off-site activity in the technical, content and link-building areas.

We can help you make search a highly cost effective traffic and sales channel and can also help to improve paid search performance and reduce click costs.

We follow a structured approach to the delivery of SEO campaigns.  Our methodology is to break it down into clear building blocks, and to take a ground up approach to ensuring that a Website has the best opportunity to achieve high rankings and drive sales as a result of increased traffic.

Our approach is summarized below:

Initial SEO Evaluation

Before embarking on an SEO project we conduct a high level evaluation of your current Website to help understand where some of the main challenges lie.  This allows us to get an understanding of how well your Website is built from an SEO perspective, the extent of existing link equity and how well you currently rank for a variety of keywords.

Keyword Research and Planning

We embark in keyword research and competitor analysis to develop a primary and secondary list of priority keywords, based on search volume, competitiveness, competitor strategy and conversation potential.

On-Page SEO - Web Site Optimization

On-Page SEO is the process of placing your keywords in the places the search engines look.  Places like the url, page title, H1 header, body content, image alt text and tagging.  This tells the search engines what the page (content) is about.  On-Page SEO makes up about 25% of how you rank in search engines.

We develop a technical audit and recommendations, and content optimization  to ensure the Website is fully best-practice compliant from a search engine perspective, and that the site supports the priority keywords identified in the research and planning stage.

Off-Page SEO - Link building

Off-Page SEO is about generating inbound links. Links from other Website pages that point to your Web pages – known as inbound links or backlinks.  This is what gives your content authority. The more links you have from other popular sites, the more important your site appears to Google and the other search engines.  Links make your online reputation.  Off-page SEO makes up about 75% of how you rank in search engines, so is very important.

Links to your Website are the critical factor in determining how well your Website ranks in the search listings.

Link equity is a measure of both the quality and quantity of links to a Website.  We develop a comprehensive and suitable link building strategy to ensure long-term rankings in the search engines.This includes the use of a number of different SEO and social media techniques.

On-Going Optimization and Support

We provide on-going support in terms of addressing any new or longer term website issues, optimizing new copy or content as it is introduced and reacting to the frequent changes in search and the wider digital landscape.

Training and Consultancy

We offer training to clients looking to get the most out of SEO, and provide consultancy to help in-house marketing teams stay ahead of the game.

Terry Marketing's approach to SEO is ethical and transparent and we do not employ any techniques that damage your reputation or can get you blacklisted by the search engines.

Our SEO offering has also been designed to complement (and integrate with) the other core services that we offer (PPC and social media).

Contact us to see how we can use SEO to help improve your website rankings or if you have any wider Inbound Internet marketing requirements.