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Top 10 Viral Marketing Ads of All Time


Top 10 Viral Marketing Ads of All Time



10)LG Elevator Prank – October 2012

Real or Fake? There was only one way to find out, that way was by placing the new ‘lifelike’ LG IPS monitors on the elevator floors, to make it seem as there was no floor. What would you have done? You’re in an elevator and the floor just drops, no thank you! LG’s marketing masterminds, took this campaign to a whole new level, no pun intended. Since achieving brilliant results, LG has created many new campaigns with their ‘lifelike’ monitors. This ad accumulated over 22.9M views to date. 

9)Red Bull Space Jump – October 2012

If your hands are not sweating yet, check your pulse, you might be dead! This RedBull campaign made millions queazy, when iconic space jumper Felix Baumgartner, took the leap of his life, from a RedBull helium-filled balloon. No not from the roof of his house, or from the CN tower in Toronto, but from 128,100feet at a height of 39,045 meters breaking the barrier of sound. This video earned him over 37.4M videos to this day.

8)Pepsi Max Test Drive Prank – March 2013

Take a ride on the wild side! This Pepsi commercial will keep you on the edge of your seat, but don’t forget to buckle up. In this video, the one and only Jeff Gordern, pranks a poor unsuspected care salesman, by taking him on the test drive of his life. Pepsi has put up crazy numbers in the past with their famous ads, but not as crazy as the speed Jeff Gorden is test driving this car. If the car salesman thought Jeff’s driving was nuts, Jeff probably thought getting over 43.3M views would be nuts.

7)Old Spice – February 2010

From Average Joe, to everyone’s favorite deodorant guy! This campaign has been on going reel for a couple of years now. The woman love him and the men want to smell like him, and who’s behind this funny and clever campaign, who else? Old Spice! This original video, setoff record sales across america. The video has now been viewed over 49.5M times.

6)TNT Add Drama – April 2012

Did anyone say drama with a twist of action? This TNT ‘push to add drama’ stunt in Belgium takes the cake, for the most action in a 1:45 second video.  This is the type of video/ad that you need to watch two or three times to make sure you captured all it was offering. This action packed campaign has been viewed over 51.6M times on YouTube. With all the success it had gained, they decided to create a sequel, that has now been viewed over 14.7M times.

5)Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise – October 2013

You want to scare the pants off somebody? Well this telekinetic coffee shop clearly obtained what they were looking for, while promoting the film Carrie. The campaign setup cameras in a coffee shop, capturing some of the funniest reactions you’ll ever see. This video has been viewed north of 60M time by YouTube viewers.

4)Dove Real Beauty Sketches April 2013

Dove sure knows how to make a woman feel beautiful, and even they thought they weren’t Dove made sure to let them know they were! This powerful video segment was put up on Dove’s channels worldwide. The original version of this video was viewed on YouTube roughly over 64.8M times to this date.

3)Volvo Trucks the Epic Split – November 2013

This Epic Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo truck commercial, was one for the ages. JCVD was always known for his famous martial art movies, but who knew he could pull off a “moving splits” over two moving Volvo trucks. Would you gave thought that truck campaign could secure over 76.4M views online?

2)Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die – November 2012 

So many dumb ways to die, choose one! This campaign was alined to highlight ridiculous ways, on how easy it is to get hurt or die. Who knew it was that easy? Since the creation of this video, numerous sequels have been created. The original version has an incredible 92.9M views on YouTube and has since won many awards worldwide for its innovative campaign.

1)Evian Baby & Me - April 2013

Who said babies couldn’t bust a move? This Evian Babies campaign rocked a solid 96M views and counting.  This multi-faceted campaign included an app for users to create their own baby image. This campaign ended up being a great success!


Entourage - Official Trailer


Entourage - Official Trailer

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12 Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow


12 Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

Who to Follow on Instagram? Bored? Need some excitement or some good laughs, then follow some the most interesting and wildest Instagram accounts. If people are willing to entertain us for free, why not follow them and judge them on every single post. These are some of the best 12 Instagram posts that Ive seen in a little while. These Instagram accounts, seem to be on a complete other level of, weirdness, coolness and most definitely  hotness.

1. MrPimpGoodGame Is Known as "The King Of The Instagram Selfie"– and for Good Reason.

All smiles, @MrPimpGoodGame is known as 37-year-old Benny Winfield, Jr., a cool and collective customer service rep at a medical supply company. On social media, Benny is known as "The King of The Selfie Movement" and has managed to gain a loyal following of thousands of followers on Instagram with that recognizable anywhere signature look – day after day after day, he shines those pearly whites.

2. Jen Selter's Butt Attracts 2 Million Followers on Instagram

Who said a perfect backside couldn't get  2.2 millions followers? Even music icons like Rihanna are following that ass! Who is she? @jenselter is known as Instagram's most famous butt. Jen Selter started posting pictures of her incredible butt on Instagram, every time she went to the gym. Little did she know, the followers doubled and tripped by the thousands, before she knew it her yoga pants butt, had made her one of Instagram's most popular accounts to follow. As Selter explains, "I don't really post a lot of face pictures…they don't want to see my face.” Ya, lets keep it that way Jen.

3. The Most Obnoxious Kid on Instagram Flaunts His Wealth and Goads Celebrities

Annoying, obnoxious, what others words can we use to describe this child? Meet Param (@itslavishbitch). Can you say, just wrong! This bratty, trust-fundie from San Francisco goads celebrities from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian all while showing off his heavy pockets to his 350,000 plus followers. I mean, why not just donate and help others in need? Although, there has been no confirmation if this guy is legit or just using his Instagram account to gain popularity, one thing is clear, he's doing it all wrong. 

4. Anonymous Tipster Leaves Thousands in Tips Across U.S. and Leaves Money Trail on Instagram

Always be kind to your waiter, you just never know.  Since September 2013, an anonymous angel, if we can call them that, has been traveling the U.S. and leaving more then generous tips, amounts (between $500-$10,000) at random establishments. An Instagram account–@tipsforjesus–has been following the money trail. 

Some people investigating the generosity behind @tipsforjesus believe that, of the generous tippers might be PayPal Vice President Jack Selby. Well, whoever this generous person is, there is with no doubt that he or she is making random people extremely happy.

5. Hilarious Instagram Account Shows Miserable Men Waiting in Bored Agony for Shopping Partners

How many times have we witnessed these poor men, at the mercy of their lady's shopping? Shopping doesn't usually cross gender lines and this hilarious Instagram account proves it. Allow us to introduce you to the miserable men of Instagram. (@miserable_men)– These poor miserable man, have been caught by cameras, doing what a bored non shopping man does best. Sleeping, texting,eating, they do it all, but nowhere do they show interest for shopping along the ladies.

6. High School Student Uses His Instagram Account to Imitate Every U.S. President

I wonder if he's done a Obama picture yet, either way Chaz Rorick (@ohheyitschaz), a high school student living just outside of Rochester, NY, has been taking photos of himself as every U.S. president after viewing a documentary about President Harry S. Truman.  Since running out of U.S. presidents, he has begun to impersonate world leaders and sports figures–both past and present, this can be great? Anybody know if he's gotten to the North Korea leaders yet? That could be very interesting, but for what side of the border.

7. An Instagram Account Follows the World Travels of a Stuffed Fox and Raises Money for a Good Cause

Not the first time I see something like this, but a this is a great follow. I think im going to start bringing my pet alligator with me everywhere I travel. Mr. Fox (@TravelingMrFox), a stuffed animal, has been with owner Jessica Johnson for thirty years. They have now managed to  travel the world together and Jessica has snapped photos of her beloved toy fox every step of the way. The globe trotting fox has visited such famous landmarks as Buckingham Palace, the Vatican and the Eiffel Tower, I wonder if the pope was home that day to witness this special fox. Jessica the owner, has decided to raise money, by traveling the world with her fox in honour of her sick friend, who gave her the fox.

8. Creative Androgyny from Make-Up Master Mathu Andersen

This is one is almost self explanatory, Mathu Andersen (@mathu7), creative producer of RuPaul's Drag Race (and Ru Paul's personal hair and make-up artist) amazes his followers daily with his interesting styled hairdo selfies. As Andersen explains, "I like being that special thing that people can stumble upon and perhaps even get excited enough to share with others and I like to be left to my own devices and whimsy

9. The Instagram Account Featuring the Worst Ever Food Fails

This one has had me laughing for weeks, I mean, how can you not laugh! Im not a great cook myself but this is an incredible fail. All these cooking fails can be seen on this Instagram account@cookingforbae. See some the most epic fails for yourself. 

10. The Clever Account That Parodies Instagram Cliches

@satiregram is brilliant! This Instagram account allows you to use the best your imagination can deliver. What this one creative user came up with was incredibly smart. Instead of posting the actual picture of what he or she was doing, they post the picture in words, letting the user create an image.

11. Instagram Account Featuring the Ultimate in Luxury–Accessorizing with Lions and Tiger

So I grew up with dogs, birds and fish, this guy not so much. How do you state you don't give a F*ck and you're one bad ass mother f*cker. Your still wondering how, well it is easy. Become filthy rich and spend your time taking selfies with exotic animals such as this guys "domesticated" tigers. @humaidalbuqaish

360,000 Instagram followers are exposed to a daily dose of AlBuQaish and his big cats. They cuddle with him, wrestle with him and pose next to his fleet of luxury cars, the real life of the rich and Instagram famous. While it's not clear on how he attained his wealth, what is clear is he lives a luxurious life that most can only dream of.

12 .Cashcats on Instagram Shows How the Rich Cats Roll

 "They hear me purring , they hating, they trying to catch me purring dirty " These cats aint nothing but G-Cats, the cashcats of Instagram–VIP cats surrounded by $$$, guns and bling as far as their whiskers can see.  Hopefully this cat didn't leave any paw prints, cause if not he going straight to the pound. Miaou Miaou kitty Cat @cashcats 


Top 10 Celebrities You Don't Want Your Child To Follow


Top 10 Celebrities You Don't Want Your Child To Follow



The Internet is everywhere and its easy access and undeniable usability has posed new problems for everyone, most of all, for parents. Thanks to social media, everyone’s out there to post statuses, photos and videos that most of us, would rather not have the eyes of children scarred.


Sometimes, and this happens mostly with celebrities, the race to get the most number of people excited about what has been shared gets a little out of hand.


We've put together a list of our "10 Most Wanted" and coupled them with some awesome #hashtags. Here we go! 

10. Madonna. 

#WithThatArmpitForest #SheWillRemain #LikeAVirgin


9. Nikki Minaj.

Hey Nikki! #MyAnacondaDontWantNone #Period


8. Miley Cyrus.

#DaddyIssues #BreakingDaddysHeart #HisAcheyBreakyHeart #OhMyOhMiley

7. Lady Gaga.

You mean... #HardlyALadyGaga #KindaRoughAroundTheEdges #IfTodayWasOppositeDay-LadyGaga


6. Taylor Swift.

#SomethingREALLYCreepyAboutHer #Brainwash #Scary


5. Justin Bieber.

#WeAreVeryProudofYou #Canadian #YouHaveItAll -#ExceptForRespectFriendsGoodParentsAndAGrammy


4. Amanda Bynes.

#OurFavoritePharmacist #ThisIsYourBrainOnDrugs


3. Mel Gibson.



2. Courtney Love.

#MommyOfTheYear #NoMothersDayGiftsForThisOne

1. Kim Kardashian.

#PornoGameStrong #NowRich #AndFamous #MightNotBeTheBestExampleForUrKids 





Osheaga 2016: lineup includes Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS

The Osheaga 2016 lineup has been released.

Headliners include Radiohead, Lana Del Rey and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The full list of more than 50 artists includes some big names: Passenger, Bastille, Haim and Half Moon Run.

Osheaga organizers will release more names leading up to the three-day festival, which takes place July 29-31. Weekend passes are on sale now. Day passes go on sale closer to the event date.