Social Media Audit & Strategy

We perform comprehensive audits and develop effective Social Media strategies with our clients that produce results. We help identify opportunities, segment your communication strategy, and develop KPI's to launch a high-performing Social Media strategy.

We create effective Social Advertising programs that engage your audience and increase brand awareness. We use advanced techniques and technology to optimize the performance of your campaign reducing costs and increasing results.

Social Media Management

We provide real-time management of your Social Media creating authentic conversations and increasing engagement. We develop ongoing campaigns, creative messaging, and social postcards that keep your community stimulated.

Social Media Campaigns and Fan Growth Strategy

We create fun, interactive campaigns that grow the fan base of your important social communities. We also partner with our clients to integrate social across all consumer touch points to drive growth and conversation. We develop disruptive Social Campaigns that engage your audience, grow fans, and drive traffic to your website.

SEO/Social Media Integration

We develop a comprehensive strategy that ensures your social media efforts are optimized for maximum SEO value.



Today’s marketing is more than just showcasing your product to customers, it’s about engaging them.

Social media has given us the ability to do so. Our expertise in Social Media Marketing and Management can help you understand who is talking about your business or industry, and how to keep them coming back for more!

At Shock Media 360, we leverage the most popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build a deeper relationship between customers and your business.